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bike racks

Sanderson Concrete manfactures two place and four place precast concrete bike racks.

Both two place and four place bike racks are available in smooth concrete or exposed aggregate finishes and come complete with security hardware for locking bike to the concrete bike rack.

With the weight of the precast concrete bike racks at 200 lbs and 600 lbs, there is no need to anchor the bike rack.

Bike rack slots are made to fit modern mountain bike tires.

4 place bike rack

(shown in exposed aggregate)
Comes complete with eye hooks & lock rings.

32" x 54" x 6"
600 lb. (270 kg)

2 place bike rack

(shown in plain concrete finish)
Comes complete with epoxy coated rebar locking bar

26-1/2" x 31" x 6"
200 lb. (91 kg)
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